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A Comfortable & Easy-To-Use Evacuation Device


Escape Mobility evacuation sheet

Information About The Escape-Sheet®
Generally, evacuation equipment is used to evacuate a person from the bed who can't leave it independently. And the best device for this work is an Escape-Sheet®. You can convert the mattress underneath the Escape-Sheet® quickly into evacuation mattress.

Work Process of the Escape-Sheet®
Escape-Sheet® is one of the most important products in case of an emergency. The handling process of this sheet is quite easy. Just take the safety belts from underneath the mattress. Now take the belt and strapped it over the patient as well as bedding so a patient can safely stay on the mattress at the time of transportation. At the final stage, the Escape-Sheet® can be simply pulled to the floor and taken to the safe location.   

Benefits of Escape-Sheet®
-Straps and handles come with a superior level of visibility and consist of bright green colour. 
-Operators get a good grip with the help of extra-long straps and that improved ---handling practices.
-Plastic buckle pockets make the products durable. 
-To provide appropriate sideways manoeuvrability, Escape-Sheet® comes with -Handgrips. 
-Static-Control™ (anti-static polyester).
-Corner straps come with adjustable functionality. 
-Escape-Sheet® is also available in premium models that consist of body-covers and an additional strap at the foot end. This thing makes the handling easier. 
-Hydro-tech Nanotechnology (water-repellent)
-CE marked.
-TÜV certified up to 250KG payload.

Our Recommendation:
It's recommended to keep all the beds in the Organization equipped with an Escape-Sheet®. With such kind of early preparation, you can make the evacuation process quick and hassle-free. 

Evacuation sheet Escape-Sheet®
Evacuation sheet Escape-Sheet® Custom
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