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In case of a calamity you can or may not use the lift. For example fire- or smoke alarm, technical fault of the lift, power failure. 

An Emergency Situation Or A Disaster

In some emergency situation like fire, earth-quack, etc. it's possible that you can't use the lift. This can be possible because of the fire or smoke alarm problems, technical difficulties in the lift or power failure.

Evacuation Chair

 For easy transportation of a person from stairs in case of a calamity. Escape-Chair® plays a crucial role. The company has made the chair user-friendly. A non-technical person can also assemble the chair in a few seconds. This is the best Escape chair that allows people to transport a person over the steps of a flight of stairs. 

Why Choose Escape-Chair®? 

  • No need to carry or lift a person 

  • Easily transport a person over the stairs 

  • Assemble the chair within a few seconds 

  • No requirement of multiple people to handle the chair 

  • Speed of the chair can be managed by the user 

  • No blockage can be created on the stairs 

  • Suitable for all kind of safety plans

A Range of Escape Chair Models To Satisfy Different Requirements

The type of the Escape-Chair® completely depends on the particular situation as well as evacuation needs. That's why Escape Mobility Company has manufactured different models to suit the different requirement. You can get the escape chairs with or without armrests, leg rests, coated frames, padded headrests and various other options. Contact our team of qualified people, they will guide you about different products and will provide you with the perfect solution.

Escape-Chair® ST-B: Comes with aluminium frame. And this is the lightest weight basic evacuation chair.


Escape-Chair® ST-PLUS: If you are searching for the lightweight escape chair with options in height position then ST Plus is the one. It comes with 2 height position, appropriate operating handle and comfort seat.


Escape-Chair® CF: This chair comes with armrests, footrest, 2 height positions, adjustable operating handle and comfort seta.

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