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Evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair®
evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair®

Evacuation Chair | Carry Chair | Stairs Chair

The operation of the Escape-Carry Chair® and the Escape-Chair® are almost similar. To get the easy evacuation from the stairs, stairs evacuation chair comes with glidebelts. As an added facility, this Escape-Carry Chair® comes with carrying handles. This thing enables people to be carried up the stairs.   


The Escape-Carry Chair® has many similarities to the Escape-Chair® as you can also find glidebelt cassettes in the Escape-Carry Chair®. This thing is the most beneficial one for evacuation over the stairs. Evacuation chair also comes with a bracket and carrying handles that make the upward evacuation easy and quick. If you are in the need to transport the person horizontally, you can use the Escape-Chair®. In this chair, you can unfold the stand with castor wheels.   


Escape Mobility Company consists of different Escape-Carry Chair® models and they all are equipped with reflecting straps on the headrest. Such kind of things increases the visibility of the stairs chair like Escape-Carry Chair®. 

Escape-Carry Chair® ST
evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair® ST
evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair® ST-PLUS
evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair® CF
evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair® XS
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