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Escape-Chair® ST-PLUS

Escape-Chair® ST-PLUS

For any corporate buildings, Escape-Chair ST-PLUS is the most suitable one. With this type of chair, you can provide complete safety and comfort to your employees as well as visitors. 

The Evac plus chair provides extra operating features as well as complete comfort to the operator and the evacuee. 


You can also add armrests and/or a footrest in the Fire Evac Plus chair. 

Demonstrations and Suggestion 


At Escape Mobility Company, we understand that the different types of the building come with different types of structures and that's why the evacuation product should be capable to work on all the structures. Our expert team will demonstration your organisation and provide you the best possible solution. We work smartly to provide you the most comfortable and suitable Evac chair as per your needs. Contact us before purchasing fire Evac chair to get the complete knowledge of the product. 

Escape-Chair® ST-PLUS specifications
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