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Courage, Innovation and Knowledge of the Market 
Mr. Van Leeuwen


Escape Mobility Company has been in the business since 1987. The journey was started by the Managing Director, Herman Van Leeuwen. He introduced the products to evacuate people from the buildings in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. A handicapped person or a person with issues in the body can easily seat in the Spencer chair and he/she can be transported down to the staircase. Till that date, such kind of evacuation method was not introduced by anyone in those particular countries. At the time of the demonstration, many people got interested in this product. At that time the company name was 'Handelsmaatschappij H. van Leeuwen' and after that, the company name was changed to 'van Leeuwen Companies'. Under this name, the evacuation chairs were assembled and supplied. And finally, this name changed to 'Escape Mobility Company'. This change was needed to describe the actual purpose of the business. The company name creates a link between Escape products and Mobility products. Different types of Mobility products are built for continuous transportation of people and goods.

The Journey of 'a Leeuwen Evacuation Chair" to Escape-Chair®

The superior level of chairs was introduced by the company in the year 2003. The first few updated chairs were launched under the name ‘van Leeuwen evacuation chair’ and then the other models are introduced since 2006 under the name Escape-Chair®. The latest escape chairs are manufacture by keeping the safety requirement and customer needs in mind. All the products are developed properly and assembled in-house. The company offers five different types of Escape-Chair® models.

Evacuate Person in a Lying Position

Escape Mobility got success in the development of our first evacuation mattress at the end of 2006. If a person needs to be transported in the lying position from the building, then Evacuation Mattress is the perfect solution which is introduced by Escape-Mattress®. These types of mattresses are the best solution for spiral staircases. This is the most useful product for the care environment because here most of the patients are suffering from major problems. 

Solo and Compact are the two different models were introduced by the company that offers the same functionalities as the Escape-Mattress®. During this time, Evacuation Sheet was also introduced by the company. The launch of the Escape-Mattress® Healthcare happened in the year 2012 and this was specifically introduced for the healthcare sector. These inventions were mandatory for Emergency services. 

Supplier Expansion

After getting tremendous success in mobility vehicle development, Escape Mobility Company has continued to manufacture different types of evacuation products with required features and facilities. Many companies have already asked us to become their first aid and emergency response products, supplier. This has become possible only through our experience and knowledge of this field. The full range of products was first introduced in January 2007.

The Growth of Escape-Carry Chair® 

To fulfill the requirement of quick and emergency services, Escape Mobility Company started to develop evacuation chair that consists of carrying handles. And with some changes and extra features, the company came in the market with the Escape-Carry Chair® in 2008.


The company has built different types of accessories for the Escape-Chair® and the Escape-Carry Chair®. And these things are developed in house. These accessories help people who require extra support in a sitting position, the raised seat, the fixation harness, the fixation headrest and an extra-wide backrest, etc.  

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