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The only quick inflatable evacuation and rescue mattress for land and water

The Escape-Air Mattress® is the most versatile and only rapidly inflatable emergency evacuation systems on the market.
It is equipped with a highly wear-resistant (Ultra High Molecular Weight) sliding layer with very low friction co-efficient and high impact resistance. The evacuee is completely protected (330º), and can be completely fixed so that both horizontal and vertical evacuation is possible. 


Search and rescue

Because of the enormous wear resistance and impact resistance, an Escape Air mattresses can be used on any terrain. The large buoyancy and stability makes the evacuation mattress also well suited for evacuation on water. The long tow straps make it easy to move. This makes the Escape-Air Mattress® the ideal evacuation device for search and rescue teams.

Standard Edition/Special Operations

The Escape-Air Mattress® is available in two versions: the Standard Edition (SE) and the Special Operations (SO). The SO is even stronger and has LED light strips and reflective piping to increase the visibility of the Escape-Air Mattress®. It also has a foot cover.

Why an Escape-Air Mattress®? 

  • Rapid evacuation

  • Horizontal and vertical evacuation

  • Fast inflatable with a CO2 cartridge

  • For all terrains

  • Complete protection

  • Compact storage

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