Escape Mobility Company is a well-known name in the evacuation equipment field and the company has been serving people with different types of mobility equipments Since 1987. The Escape-Chair®, Escape-Carry Chair® and Escape-Mattress® are some of the main products of the company.

Experts of Evacuation Equipment


To transport the person over stairs, an Escape-Chair® is the most effective solution at the time of any disaster. This chair is developed in such a way that even a non-technical person can also make the chair ready in few seconds and transport the person over the stairs without any hassle.


A person with high mobility issue can't seat on the chair. Escape-Mattress® is specifically designed .

To get the best solution for the specific requirement, the Escape-Mattress® is manufactured in different types of models.


Some of the people can't leave their bed because of the mobility issues and for them the Escape Mobility Company has developed Escape-Sheet®. Just put this Escape-Sheet® underneath the mattress and then you can easily transport the person at the safe location.

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