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Escape Mobility Company is a well-known name in the evacuation equipment field and the company has been serving people with different types of mobility equipments Since 1987. The Escape-Chair®, Escape-Carry Chair® and Escape-Mattress® are some of the main products of the company.

Escape mobility Escape-Chair® Escape-Carry Chair® Escape-Mattress® Escape-Sheet®

Experts of Evacuation Equipment

Escape Chair


To transport the person over stairs, an Escape-Chair® is the most effective solution at the time of any disaster. This chair is developed in such a way that even a non-technical person can also make the chair ready in few seconds and transport the person over the stairs without any hassle.

Escape Mattress


A person with high mobility issue can't seat on the chair. Escape-Mattress® is specifically designed .

To get the best solution for the specific requirement, the Escape-Mattress® is manufactured in different types of models.

Escape Sheet


Some of the people can't leave their bed because of the mobility issues and for them the Escape Mobility Company has developed Escape-Sheet®. Just put this Escape-Sheet® underneath the mattress and then you can easily transport the person at the safe location.

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